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WHW as we now know of it, was conceived in the minds of three outstanding men of God - Dr. Robert A. Williams, Jr. of Los Angeles, California; Dr. Larry L. Harris, Sr. of Wilmington, Ohio; and Dr. George Waddles, Sr. of Chicago, Illinois, in 1989 after attending a Congress of Biblical Exposition conference in Dallas, Texas.

Following that conference, these three men discussed the need for thorough training of Pastors, Ministers and Laypersons in rightly dividing the Word of God. They had a genuine concern for those who handle the Word of God being properly equipped to interpret the Bible.

After prayerful consideration, numerous conversations, meditation and Holy Ghost consultation, these three men, led by the Spirit of God, watched our vision become reality on October 30, 1990. It was named the BEST Conference (Biblical Expository Sermon Techniques). The first conference was held in Houston, Texas.

The subject studied at the first Conference included Subject-Complement, Introductions, Word Study and Syntax, and, of course, Whoopalistics. Approximately 34 persons attended and classes operated from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday. On Tuesday evening, we worshipped with Dr. Charles Jackson and the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church. On Wednesday evening, we worshipped with Dr. A. Louis Patterson and the Mount Corinth Missionary Baptist Church.

Those who were present will never forget the memorable class on Whoopalistics, when some of our brethren who had a desire to whoop began to experience this art of Black Culture. Many of them began whooping that day and even to this day, they have nurtured the art of whooping. In other words, they can really, really preach.

In 1991, due to trade name infringements, it was necessary to change the name of the Conference. The decision was made to name the conference WHW in honor of our three founders.

The second conference was hosted by Dr. George Waddles and the Zion Hill Baptist Church of Chicago. The Conference met on Wednesday evening at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom.

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